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Birth Doula Support

Studies show having a doula can decrease ...

-- Cesarean section

-- Use of pain medication

-- Negative feelings toward birth

-- Length of labor

-- Complications

​-- NICU admissions

"If a doula were a drug, it would be

unethical not to use it." -- John H. Kennell

Bohren, Hofmeyr, Sakala et al, 2017.

Jordan, 2013.

McGrath & Kennell, 2008.

Imagine you're going to climb Mount Everest.  You do all the planning, the gear buying, and you map out an excellent route up the mountain.  Then you unload your stuff at base camp, hike a couple hours, and

realize ... you're in over your head.

Now imagine you had that same Everest dream, but you hired an excellent Sherpa to go along with you.  That Sherpa knows the road ahead, where the bends and cliffs are, how to best use the gear you brought along, how to beat altitude sickness, how far to push you beyond your limits, and when you've gone too far.

Doulas do for birth what Sherpas do for climbing mountains in Nepal.  We provide information, resource referrals, life hacks, emotional support, cheerleading, real talk, physical comfort, a continuous presence throughout your pregnancy, and a safe space for you and your partner to navigate your way to the best possible birth experience you can.

If you would like to talk about how a doula can support your upcoming birth or postpartum experience, contact us for a free consultation with one of our birth doulas.