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​Mandi Garvey, MPH, EMT, CD(DONA)

Mandi is a masters-trained health and parenting educator, EMT, birth doula, and the founder of Michigan Born & Raised. She holds undergraduate degrees in behavioral science, sociology, and women's studies from the Honors College at Grand Valley State University in West Michigan and a masters in public health from Benedictine University in Northern Illinois along with a number of field-specific certificates and licenses.

Mandi brings over a decade of women's health and education experience to the offerings at Michigan Born & Raised.  She specializes in preparing parents before their births, and is passionate about evidence-based healthcare, inclusivity, and supporting families in empowered decision-making.

She and her family live among the cornfields and apple orchards of Northern Ottawa County. When she's not teaching or assisting births you will find her binge-watching documentaries online, color-coding the office, or carting her kid around to all manner of activities.

Mandi (she/her) can be reached by phone at 231.557.7118 or

by email at mandi.garvey@gmail.com. 

Health and Parenting Educator, Doula, & Birth assistant