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​​So, you just had a baby, now what?! 

The Know Your Newborn class answers all those critical questions about how to care for your postpartum self and your brand new babe in those first weeks after delivery.  From the feed-diaper-soothe cycle to reading baby cues, newborn safety, navigating sleep routines, and self-care during recovery, this class provides the evidence-based answers parents are looking for alongside some tried and true pro-tips and hands-on skills practice. 

Come ready to ask all the questions, relieve those anxieties, and prepare to welcome home your newborn with confidence.  This course includes 3 hours of instruction, a fully illustrated course book, hands-on skills practice, and complimentary unlimited access to an online library of newborn care skills videos for those 3am reminders of exactly how to do that thing you saw in class.


Know Your Newborn