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Homebirth Midwifery

 "... my life as a midwife is about being an ordinary woman who witnesses everyday miracles."-- Mary Sommers

+ Less than 1/5 of the cesareans compared to hospital birth

+ 8% transfer rate for repeat births, 23% for first timers​

+ 86% exclusive breastfeeding rate at 6 weeks

+ Less likely have severe perineal trauma or tearing

+ Reduced risk of postpartum hemhorrage

+ 29% fewer inductions

+ Less likely augmentations, or use of pain medications​​

Major studies on homebirth have found ...

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A steadily growing number of families choose homebirth each year, and Michigan Born & Raised is proud to have one of only a handful of certified nurse-midwife practices attending homebirths in the state.  For low-risk pregnancies, homebirth can be an incredibly safe and satisfying choice.

The average homebirth includes the midwifery team meeting you in labor at home and setting up all the necessary equipment while you find comfort in whatever position or location feels best.  The midwife checks your vital signs and intermittently monitors your baby's heartbeat using a Doppler.  You are free to move around, rest, eat, drink, and have whomever you'd like at home with you from an expecting grandma to your favorite furry friend.  Births at home happen in essentially every room of the house, in the water and on land, on the furniture and on the floor, in vast open spaces and cramped bathrooms.  Midwives can adapt to nearly any situation that works for you.  Once you're holding your new baby, the midwifery team will do some postpartum exams for both you and baby, make sure baby is eating, clean up the birth area, and help you get cleaned up and ready to rest.  After some final vitals checks and postpartum instructions it's time for something to eat and a nap.  Home sweet homebirth.